Rigid boxes with magnetic closure

Rigid boxes with magnetic closure are one of the possible variants of making gift packaging of the rigid box type. Rigid boxes magnetic closing lid are made of rigid bookbinding cardboard, which ensures appropriate durability and presentation of the gift packaging. Magnetic closure additionally secures the contents of the box and makes it perceived by the recipient as more exclusive.

Due to its properties, decorative boxes closed with a magnet find many applications. Magnetic boxes are commonly used as gift packaging for corporate gifts as well as product packaging. Elegantly and carefully made magnetic boxes are the best choice in case of exclusive products, which is confirmed by the experience of our Customers representing various industries. Magnetic cardboard boxes are used by them as packaging for cosmetics, clothing accessories, small consumer electronics and exclusive stationery articles.

Magnetic rigid boxes - offer directly from the manufacturer

Irbox has been successfully manufacturing decorative and gift boxes for years. We offer cardboard and rigid boxes with magnetic closure in a wide range of sizes with the possibility of additional decoration using printing enhancement methods. We can also enrich the magnetic closure box with your company logo or logotype, thanks to which distribution of corporate gifts to important clients and business partners will translate into building a recognizable brand image.

We produce magnet boxes by machine. This allows us to carry out orders quickly, with high precision and maintaining a reasonable unit price. Every offered decorative rigid box with magnetic closuring lid is made with the highest quality standards. Its choice is a guarantee of aesthetics, durability and impeccable presentation. We invite business customers, organizations and institutions from all over the country to cooperate with us. If you have any questions or concerns, we remain at your disposal.