What is creasing?

Creasing (otherwise known as grooving) – is a bookbinding operation involving the imprinting (indentation), using a machine, grooves in paper or cardboard to facilitate the folding of the paper in a specific place (folding invitations, folding cardboard packaging, flyers, book covers in bond, etc.) or for decorative purposes.

What do we use creasing for?

In order to precisely, along a perfectly straight line, fold the paper or cardboard, it should first be subjected to bookbinding treatment, namely creasing. Thanks to creasing thick materials can be bent without any problems. Without creasing the fold is rarely simple, aesthetically pleasing, and it works as we want it to. Creasing consists in making a crease in paper in a precisely defined place. A shallow yet clearly visible groove is formed there, which marks the bend line. Often in everyday life we do not realise that we are dealing with paper or cardboard which has been creased before. Various types of boxes, leaflets or folders, both cardboard and paper, must undergo this type of processing. Plastic materials such as polypropylene or PET foils can also be creased. Creasing of paper or cardboard is performed by means of a crucible or automatic punching machine. The place of folding is called a crease or fold.

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