Hot Foil Stamping

hot foil stamping

What is Foil Stamping?

Also called foil printing, foil stamping is a printing method in which a thin sheet of metallic foil is applied to the surface of the packaging using heat and pressure.

If you’ve ever wondered how to print gold foil on your box, you must know that foil stamping requires a custom metal die and a hot stamping machine for a truly professional result.

How does foil stamping work?

In the hot stamping machine, the die is heated up, and the metallic foil (usually coming from a roll) is placed between the die and the paper. When the die comes down and presses the foil onto the surface, the heat and pressure help the foil stick to the surface, leaving the metallic foil on the desired areas.

A beautiful side-result of using a metal die for stamping is that it produces a slight indent to the paper since the foil is pressed really hard with the metal die. For a truly three dimensional effect, you can also combine foil with embossing, as you’ll learn later in the post.

Why choose foil stamping for your boxes?

Let’s agree on something: the sale begins with eye-contact.

Without favorable eye-contact (meaning your product looks better than the competition’s), your product will just get lost on the shelf.

How do you create eye-catching packaging? Well, besides effective design that you’ll need to develop by following certain steps, a quick way to catch attention is by focusing on the little details, like foil stamping your logo, for example.

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