Collapsible rigid box with velcro closure for tea and coffee

Decorative collapsible rigid box with velcro closure for tea and coffee

With a design that is both functional and beautiful, Five o’clock, the workplace coffee & tea experts, have created a decorative collapsible rigid box with velcro closure and personalized offset print.

The box is made of solid cardboard wrapped with 130 gsm offset printed paper and with 130 gsm white paper inside, both enhanced with matt foil. Instead of magnets we used velcro closure. Velcro is best known for its use as a fastener for clothing, shoes, and other accessories. However, it has also been used in a variety of industrial settings to provide a cost-effective and professional alternative to the magnet closure on custom rigid paper boxes.

Our collapsible rigid box is a great alternative to traditional rigid cardboard boxes. It’s finally time to stop stressing about finding the right sized rigid cardboard box! The folding rigid box is a unique container for your goods, because it folds flat for shipping. This means it’s easy to fit into smaller spaces and transport as needed. Save money on shipping ordering collapsible rigid boxes!

Coffee and tea are popular beverages around the world. People consume these drinks daily, with different cultures having their own favorite blends. There is a growing trend in coffee and tea packaging to make the products look more luxurious and high-end, like artisanal goods. This trend is helpful for small businesses looking to create an exclusive brand. Packaging like rigid boxes can give your product a sleek, stylish look that generates plenty of interest in the eyes of consumers.

Packages for tea and coffee have helped major brands in creating their exclusive brand in the market. There are many varieties of rigid containers available which can create packages with a luxurious feel that suit your needs. Collapsible rigid box with personalized offset print and velcro closure may be one on them. Making your own brand in the luxury and premium markets – not just tea or coffee – can really be the difference in establishing in your niche.