Corrugated litho-laminated boxes for pralines

Corrugated litho-laminated box for Ferrero Nutella

This elegant corrugated litho-laminated boxes for pralines Rafaello was created for Ferrero Nutella.

Ferrero Collection is a collection of exquisite pralines created by Ferrero.

Ferrero Rocher is a unique combination of a crunchy wafer with a creamy filling and a whole hazelnut embedded in it. The whole is hidden under a delicate milk chocolate and dusted with crushed hazelnuts.

Raffaello is a harmonious combination of carefully selected ingredients: coconut from the Pacific Islands and white almonds from California. Rondnoir, which is the intense taste of dessert chocolate surrounding a crunchy wafer, filled with a creamy filling and dessert chocolate inside.

Ferrero Collection is the ideal choice, combining different flavours of delicious pralines in one collection.