Made-to-measure boxes – versatile packaging for numerous applications

Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile packages, whose applications we can enumerate for a really long time. They are used among others as:

  • product packaging,
  • collective product packaging,
  • shipping boxes,
  • e-commerce packaging,
  • advertising and promotional packaging,
  • PR packaging.

The multitude and variety of applications of customized boxes results from practically unlimited possibilities of the production process within which we can make customized boxes in any technology. The most popular are rigid boxes, which results mainly from high aesthetics of offered finished products and their increased resistance to mechanical damage. Custom boxes are made of rigid cardboard, thanks to which they are really durable and resistant to many destructive factors. An additional advantage of rigid box technology is the possibility of covering boxes with decorative papers dyed in the mass or printed and refined coated papers , which translates into practically unlimited possibilities of creating personalized packaging, both in terms of shape and size, as well as visual values.

Made-to-measure boxes – packaging tailored to individual needs

Made-to-measure boxes are offered in various shapes and sizes, as well as in numerous construction variants. These can be boxes with a lid (popular bottom plus lid), drawer boxes (also called pull-out boxes) and boxes closed with magnets. The freedom of choice of the type of packaging allows you to select it adequately to the situation and content. At the same time, a wide range of possibilities allows us to create unusual and non-standard packaging, which remain in the memory of customers and clients for a long time and contribute to building a recognizable brand image.

When ordering boxes to a particular company it is worth making sure that it uses high-quality raw materials. It is the quality of materials used in the production process that determines the appearance of the finished product , its functionality and durability – aspects of considerable importance for the brand image.